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Bedroom Decor Ideas to Steal from the Ace Hotel
By Jane Blanchard

The Ace Hotel chain prides itself on its hipster, minimalist design that incorporates comfy textiles (Pemberton blankets) and bold modern art. Each of their unique seven locations is designed based on the history of the buildings they now inhabit. They strive to incorporate the spirit of the city in which they are located for the style-seeking traveler with well designed spaces for both business and pleasure.

Each of their distinctive hotels offers plenty of design inspiration to steal for your own bedroom.


Seattle is the location of the first Ace Hotel. Built in the historic maritime workers' hotel and former Salvation Army halfway house in Belltown, it's decor boasts clean white rooms.

Contemporary Bedroom by Other Metro Photographers Elad Gonen


The Portland location is located in the old Clyde Hotel building in downtown Portland. Take a cue from their fun and hip rooms by using vintage throw rugs and unusual items for side tables, such as old suitcases or trunks.

Los Angeles

The hotel's Los Angeles location is in the historic United Artist Building. Get a fresh perspective on your room by turning the bed around. Place the foot of your bed against a wall and a table or desk against the headboard for a great way to divide up the room.

New York

The New York hotel is located in a historic turn-of-the-century building in Midtown, Manhattan. To add a fresh and hip vibe to your bedroom, spray paint a giant mural on the wall behind your bed. The hotel's large rooms also come with a turn-table and some records.

via Ace Hotel

Palm Springs

The Palm Springs hotel is a mid-century desert modern building, which was formerly a Howard Johnson. Their rooms boast slatted wood walls with hooks for hanging things like coats, bathrobes, and art.


The Panama location, housed in a restored landmark building in Casco Viejo, boasts a distinct tropical style. The hotel feels light and airy by making use of colorful tile floors and large potted plants throughout. Create the same effect in your own home with a gorgeous tile floor. If you're not in a climate where tile in the bedroom is a good option, a painted wood floor will give the same style.

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