Happy's Mother Day

I never really got what being a mother was until I became a mother myself.  As my children grow older and life changes I am in awe of what all of the mothers in this world have done to get all of us to where we are today.  
I recently found a note in a family bible that said
"Grandmother Hancock fed the hungry and buried the dead during the Civil War".  
She was 30 years old had a 6 year old, a 2 year old, was pregnant and her husband was at War.  
How all of the women throughout time did everything we are doing and so much more without electricity, running water, diapers, bottles, formula, microwaves, stoves, food you do not have to prepare/grow/kill, husbands, clothes you have don't have to make yourself, cars, screens to occupy your children, shoes, lawnmowers, telephones, heat, air conditioning, ice, Oprah, medicine, Patient First- the list goes on and on.  I don't know how they did it then and I can't get over the fact that there are women that are still doing it today without all of the things we couldn't make it through the day let alone an hour.  
So thank you to all of the mother's that kept going, put themselves last, loved and nurtured their children in good times and bad to get us all where we are today. 
"Grandmother Hancock"- Emily Pauline Carrington
Especially to my mother who helps me make it all happen!

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