the r months

you know what they say about the months with an “r”... it’s time for oysters, baby! it might not be the r in the name of the month that makes them so tasty but the colder, rainy days definitely work their magic. i LOVE a good oyster. my mouth is watering just think about a freshly steamed oyster where you can still taste the salt water. and just because we don’t live at the beach doesn’t mean we can’t have oysters year around, or in our homes. have you ever seen oysterwood? it’s gorgeous. but oysterstick is just plain cool. oysters grow and mature attached to wood sticks that have to be recycled after so many years and leave us with this uniquely marked wood. so even if you don’t like oysters and none of your friends are hosting an oyster roast this fall, you might just want to get yourself some oysterstick!

i saw this in a palm beach antique store last year and thought it was so cool


oyster watercolor

oysterstick mirror

bowens island- the BEST local oysters in charleston

oyster shell chandeliers


a building made out of oysters

late 19th cent oysterwood dresser

lots of shells


happy thursday everyone!

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