My husband recorded this documentary several weeks back and we finally had the time to watch it from start to finish the other night
and NOW it has become my new late night obsession 
The Last Waltz 
 is a documentary of 
The Band 
and their last concert together -which was a seated dinner 
in San Francisco on Thanksgiving Day 1976

Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and Van Morrison 
were just a few of the cameo appearances...
(I don't know if I will ever be able to listen to another Van Morrison song the same way after seeing his performance- NOT what I was expecting-think Elton John and a very bad polyester leisure suit) 

Martin Scorsese directed the piece
 and the quality of the film is unbelievable.
 I didn't realize- until seeing this documentary- what amazing songwriters and performers
 The Band 
were and I can't believe that most of them were in their early 30's at the time of filming and that they had been together for over 16 years....their talent is overwhelming to watch


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