Million Dollar Decorators

What will I do without you???
I look forward to every Tuesday night episode
and now I am going to be back watching the 
Real Housewives of Disaster...

Jeffrey and Ross....

I am going to miss these faces...
Million Dollar Decorators
This is pure comedy...

Kathy You Are My Idol!

Martyn you are delicious...

The way he is constantly saying 
"Luxurious" and "Opulent"
I may need him to come read me a quick 
"decorating" bedtime story to give me inspiration 
every night  
(we both have Wheaten Terriers- he has great taste!)

Nathan- it will all work out...
Nathan Turner Million Dollar Decorators

Mary .....
I am finally decorating my office thanks to you 
if you and Nathan don't work out as BFF's - CALL ME!
I think I will miss you the most....

Until Next Season Million Dollar Decorators
 Happy Weekend!

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