India Hicks: Trendsetter

Mollie Storey from Davis Jewelry 
 (a trendsetter herself) and I are doing another joint post!!
Today our topic

India Hicks: 
Interior Designer, Jewelry Designer, Mother of Four
Trendsetter of Style and all that is FABULOUS....

Daughter of the famed David Hicks and Lady Mountbatten and
 the god-child of Prince Charles.
India has been taking the design community by storm in recent years.  Her casual but elegant interiors are so relevant in the way we live today! 

She is known for her casual but elegant her living room above you can see how beautiful antiques are mixed with casual pieces.  You can really live in her spaces - all I want to do is grab her fabulous coffee table book and curl up on the sofa...

I can't get enough of the white painted floors and I adore the birdcage!
Her favorite works of art are hand painted panels that her grandmother had done by Rex Whistler in 1937...
her grandmother opted to have them done on panels instead of on the wall and during World War II they were moved and avoided being destroyed in a bomb attack.

Here India is in a shot in front of the beloved panels that never go out of style...

I love the way she hangs groupings of art in every space...
after successfully taking on the interior design world
she has recently launched a new
fine jewlery can check it out here
Below are pendant medallions that have her new logo...

To learn more about her jewelry head over to
See what Mollie has to say!

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