Mirror Mirror On the Wall

When I was in NYC last week there was lots of metallic wallpaper - almost mirrored and it is FABULOUS.....Very Shiny and new and wild.  I need a little studio apartment in NYC or Miami Beach to do this in...If J. Lo or Jennifer Aniston would go ahead call me to help them with their next project I could solve my problem...

Not sure if I could do this in an entrance hall - but a powder room would be amazing - OR a back hallway....this picture of the Queen is getting me excited about the upcoming nuptials!!

It is hard to tell in this picture..but the background is silver metallic.
That is the great thing about metallic wallpapers - it is not super shiny in every light and can be subtle


Metallic Does not have to be contemporary....

Don't forget about the exhibition tonight at Reynolds Gallery is a great date night idea ... soak in some art, grab a bite to eat afterwards.  You will feel so cultured and may just end up with that piece you have been looking for for over your mantle!

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