A Williamsburg Tradition

For years my husband's family spends a day in Williamsburg before Christmas.  We have lunch - this year it was the Blue Talon Bistro....the food was amazing and so was the service,  considering we had over twenty six people!

Everyone then does a race down to the end of a field and back (not sure when or how this tradition started but it is hilarious)

We then stroll down the main street of Colonial Williamsburg .....The most beautiful Santa I have every seen is always passing out candy canes and telling the children they are on the "nice list" (which made my daughter's year)....

And then I always sneak off to the Nancy Thomas Store  .......

She is known for her beautiful painted angels....the ones below are adorable and could be on your walls all year long...

I love these hand painted figures that she does - So festive!

It is really one of my favorite parts about the Holiday Season and I am fairly new to this very old tradition....I look forward to many more to come!

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