And the Stockings Were Hung

For Some Reason I have Just Realized My Children Do Not Have There Own Stockings....This is a Major Decision- They Will Have Them Forever!  My Husband and I Both Have Red, Green and White Knit Stockings with Santas and Our Names on Them - I am not Sure Why but My Husband's is About Three Feet Tall. I think That Style Must Have Been "In" in the 70's

We Will Have a Mismatched Grouping of Stockings ....I Have Always Loved the Look Of Coordinating Stockings 

I Love These Adorable Stockings Below from Karen Hilton Designs- Especially if We Lived in England...

Karen Hilton Designs

and I May Have to Get a Couple of the Queen Pillows Before the Big Wedding in April....

Karen Hilton Designs

I am Clearly in an English Mode today...Another English Design From Alice and Emma - I Love the Idea of These Stockings Being Made From Scraps of Fabric.  Which Got Me Thinking That I Could Have Stockings Made for My Children With Scraps of Fabrics From the Fabrics in Their Rooms as the Accents....Then Every Christmas They Will Be Reminded of Their Childhood Rooms and Hopefully Me!

Alice and Emma 

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