Seeds of Inspiration

As my daughter and I tromped around the barn this weekend I couldn't help but notice the sea of buttercups everywhere I looked.  They stand out against all of the greenery that is coming in this Spring and there seem to be more buttercups than ever this year.  We took a couple of buttercup bouquets with us as we headed home and my daughter said "they must have planted millions of buttercup seeds this year to get all of these beautiful buttercups".













The "seeds" of inspiration are everywhere we turn and we must have seeds to get anything to grow literally and figuratively.  So our little outdoor adventure gave me some inspiration for our Blog this week: Seeds of Inspiration.  I can't help but notice how many designs and shapes we use in our design projects that have seed-like forms.  From one of our favorite wallpapers to the embroidery on a pillow with some POP.  Seeds seem to be inspiring everyone!

 Tune in tomorrow and see how we take all of these seeds and turn them into a beautifully designed living room!

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