A Few of our Favorite Seeds of Inspiration

We are in love with our "Seeds of Inspiration" Mirror.  The metal gold frame adds some architectural interest to the room with it's seed-like shaped edges.  You can translate the edges as seeds, petals, leaves or even feathers to be the perfect natural design.  Antique mirror becomes the perfect balance to make this piece feel aged and not too shiny and new! 

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Using our "Pip" library lights as sconces in a room adds an eye catching element.  Not only are they beautiful they add a sculptural element to the space and we love that you can actually move them around and manipulate the light.  So they are artistic and functional all at the same time!

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Nothing can transform a space as instantly as wallpaper.  You can go from drab and depressing to WOW in a day.  Our Seeds of Inspiration wallpaper would be the perfect punch in any space!  

Try it in either the Cornflower Blue Colorway


or the Sunflower Yellow!

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