And Pretty Maids All in a Row

Here are a couple of our favorite components for your perfect outdoor space…...

We are obsessed with Eastover Collection's Outdoor Planters!  They are made of cellular PVC, impervious to moisture and do not require a separate liner.  We are currently offering them in two styles in a crisp white painted finish.

The Classic Inset Panel Box with Finials 

Dimensions 20" w x 20" d x 21"h



The Greek Key Moulding Planter Box with Finials will add a little modern glamour to any outdoor setting.

20"w x 20"d x 21"h



Have you ever thought about a vegetable garden - but were afraid it wouldn't be pretty enough?  Or that you would have to hide it away out of sight in your yard?  

By using the Garden Obelisk you can have the best of both worlds!  Beauty and function.  The Garden Obelisk adds a decorative element to your garden, while giving the perfect support to any climbing plants, flowers or vines that need a place to grow!

The Garden Obelisk stands 7 feet high, made our of cedar and is comes in a crisp white.




Using two of the Garden Obelisks adds symmetry and balance.

Not only do our outdoor space components look amazing they are necessary tools in your garden!  

Tune into tomorrow to see what we are giving away for our "Friends Win Friday" Giveaway!!!!!!


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