The Great American Adventure

For the month of June we are packing up all of our gear, with a few MUST HAVES and CAN'T LIVE WITHOUTS, and heading out onto the open road for a fun filled month of travel cross country to our final destination Girdwood, AK.  

And how will we be traveling you ask?  By Aistream of course!  We are taking one of our favorite's from the DineAir fleet to tour the West and travel in style over 4500 miles to our final destination is Girdwood, Alaska.  

This week we are getting the Airstream ready to take it out on the road.  Making sure we have all of the right components to make our excursion more glamping and less camping.  We have to make sure we have our favorite cashmere blankets to keep warm at night, just the right barware to make just the right drink, and a few essentials to make us feel like we are at the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole and not in a tent down by the river….

Next stop Nashville, TN for the CMA Music Festival because every country music star needs a DineAir….


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