Where in the World is the DineAir

We decided to head to the West Coast for our Great American Adventure as we work our way towards Alaska for our Wedding in the Forest.  This week we are in Portland, OR soaking in the sites, making a quick pit stop at a ladies luncheon and planning on hitting the Summer Stye Sale in The Pearl District this week.

How perfect does the DineAir look at this venue?  The DineAir is truly the perfect party accessory.  Use it at an outdoor event as a mobile VIP room your guests will never want to leave! 

Give your guests a luxury bathroom so when they go to "powder their noses" they don't loose the ambiance you have created for your event….everywhere they step is beautiful and chic.

Tune in Friday to see our top hostess gifts.  Thank the hostess with the mostess with the perfect party thank you.


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