Perrin Woodworking

We are gearing up for our next episode of Fix it and Finish it airing November 5, 2015.  One of the stars of two of our episodes is Perrin Woodworking.  Every city we go to we look for subs that we would use on any of our design projects, people that work the way we do and have a beautiful product.  I first spoke to Dan Perrin when he was on his way back from Atlanta installing pieces in a restaurant they we were working on.  I had already seen his website and was blown away and thought for sure he would be too busy to help us.

  Most people I reach out to are hesitant when I first call them and think I am little crazy when I ask them to be apart of a one day project that in real life time takes months.  Dan wanted to help us in any way he could and told me to send him images.  Over the next few days I sent Dan a few rough sketches and we had a couple of calls.  I never know if people understand "Ryland's Language" until we get into the drawing phase of a project- especially one that has all been communicated through emails, texts and phone calls.  Not only did Dan translate my vision into reality he also added and subtracted his vision into the perfect end result.

When I arrived in Charleston my first stop was Perrin Woodworking.  I could stand and stare for hours watching their crew - true artisans.  They took my ideas and translated them into a beautiful and functional work space.  You always hope that things look as good as you have envisioned them and when they actually look better, you know you are working with an artist.

Needless to say we will forever be grateful to Perrin Woodworking.  We know we will be working with them on many projects in the future.  Their level of professionalism and incredible work makes them a standout in this industry!  Tune in to see what they helped us create next week.

Here a few shots of their work you do not want to miss....


The dynamic duo of Dan Perrin and his wife Katy Perrin of Perrin Woodworking.

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