Banner Photography

So if you don't know who Banner Adams is you need to.  She is not only a beautiful human being inside and out, she is a phenomenal nationally known photographer on the rise.  

 Banner's ability to show the true essence of a person on camera is a gift.....

Many people say "Oh photographers are as good as the equipment they use".  To capture the image of a person showing who they really are to the camera is a rare talent.  After every shoot I am totally blown away.  She nails it every time.  Her photographs are like songs that immediately make you feel a memory, she is a true artist.

Banner took this picture with a temporary camera phone (it was not an iphone!) She had two coffee cups in her hands, another cell phone and had had over 30 people take over her house for basically 24 hours to shoot a television show....and in 3 seconds took this picture.  

Her ability to shift from quiet observation to enthusiastic play and thoughtful conversation helps her capture her subjects’ personalities with a remarkable eye for detail, mood and moment. She also believes creating art for the home goes well beyond unique and beautiful images. She provides design consultations for each client.  

Being a designer I sometimes (ok I will honest- ALL THE TIME) want to be involved in every aspect of the process.  After using Banner for over seven years I trust her to make all of the creative decisions when it comes to my images.  When we have a meeting after a photo shoot her selections are always the best ones.  Because I make so many decisions everyday for others, it is such a joy to be able to have someone know what I like and handle everything from start to finish!

Banner Photography is based Charleston, SC.  More of her beautiful work can be seen on her website  and make sure you like her Facebook Page here!





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