House Beautiful

I am so thrilled and honored to have been named a House Beautiful "Next Wave Designer" in the June 2016 Issue out now.  Tune in for some behind the scenes shots and details of all of our House Beautiful article.
It was so surreal to have my photograph taken surrounded by the people and pieces that are so near and dear to my heart.  I love showing the world how the sleek, industrial feel of the DineAirs with pretty, timeless design is the PERFECT mix.  And let's face it- it's all about the mix.  

Happy Weekend!





Where in the World is the DineAir?

I know….we got a little sidetracked, it happens when you travel by DineAirs.  We're not sure we are going to be able travel any other way after this trip.  

So we decided to have DineAirs deliver "The Industrial" to us in Banff National Park, Canada's oldest national park.  Located about an hour west of Calgary, AB and peppered with the most beautiful lakes, glaciers and ice fields you have ever seen.  

We loved enjoying super chic and comfortable interiors of the"The Industrial", making us feel at home in the middle of The Rockies….

 Now we are getting our wedding game faces on and preparing the DineAir to head to Alaska for our "Wedding on the Forest"…..

Tune in tomorrow for our next Friends Win Friday GiveAway tomorrow!


Where in the World is the DineAir

We decided to head to the West Coast for our Great American Adventure as we work our way towards Alaska for our Wedding in the Forest.  This week we are in Portland, OR soaking in the sites, making a quick pit stop at a ladies luncheon and planning on hitting the Summer Stye Sale in The Pearl District this week.

How perfect does the DineAir look at this venue?  The DineAir is truly the perfect party accessory.  Use it at an outdoor event as a mobile VIP room your guests will never want to leave! 

Give your guests a luxury bathroom so when they go to "powder their noses" they don't loose the ambiance you have created for your event….everywhere they step is beautiful and chic.

Tune in Friday to see our top hostess gifts.  Thank the hostess with the mostess with the perfect party thank you.


Where in the World is the DineAir?

Helloooo!!!!  So after an amazing (I know I say it alot- but it is one of my favorite words) adventure in Jackson Hole we are continuing to head West to get closer to our Alaskan Wedding in the Forest!  We are on our racing to get to our next destination to see some Fabulous Fireworks…stick around to see where that is.

One of our Sisters from the DineAir fleet,Our Pop-Up-Shop VenAir, has made her way to the super fun city of Austin, Texas.  VenAir is super sleek and very shiny and is going to be the main attraction at Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic Concert.  

Willie has some AMAZING people joining him on stage Eric Church, Kacey Musgraves, and Merle Haggard just to name a few.  Another Country Music Event - we can't wait!  

See our beautiful VenAir catch everyone's attention and how AMAZING the VenAir looks on the inside!



We Have Arrived!

 We have finally made it to Jackson Hole.  We were so exhausted from the CMA Music Festival that we wanted to make sure we were rested and relaxed for our Great American Adventure of Glamping in Wyoming.

We have secured the DineAir.  Put out all of our necessities, like our fabulous custom pillows and horn sculptures.  We decided to use corals, reds and grays for our color palette in the Jackson Hole DineAir.  The warm tones of our coral and red palette give the DineAir a mountain house feel without being too rustic.  The gray backdrop of the interior of this DineAir  makes every other color stand out and look AMAZING!

 If any of you follow us on Instagram (you should! @rylandwoodard) you know that I am slightly obsessed with horses.  I have been trying for years to get Gina on one and I think I may be able to convince her by the end of the weekend!

We love our horn sculptures.  They look great everywhere….bookcases, on top of a stack of books, as a center piece, or a mantle. 

Embroidered pillows that can out on the range or in a formal living room.

Studded Sconces that can be moved to manipulate the light where you need it.

Pillows in an Oscar de La Renta embroidery that will make any seat worth sitting in.

It wouldn't be the West without at least one pair of antlers.

H'ordeuvres anyone?  The perfect serving piece casual, yet cool.  

 We are finally ready to Glamp until we are all Glamped out!  Tune into tomorrow for a guided tour of what to see and where to go in Jackson Hole from At Home, WithThat Girl Katie !