Our "Backyard Karaoke Party" Episode on Fix it and Finish it

On today's episode of Fix it and Finish it with Antonio Sabato Jr. see how we take a dangerous deck and turn it into a fairytale ending!


Salins Group and Autrey Kemp Nurseries and Gardens  hard at work to get our custom designed pergola, fire pit and landscaping done in one day!


Ready for the reveal!

We loved adding to the magic by using garden obelisk by Eastover Collection….

Tune in tomorrow for our "More Storage Please" episode!

Autrey Kemp Nurseries

SO…. we met the MOST amazing landscape design and garden group when we were in Charlotte ….

Autrey Kemp Nurseries

Co-owners Michael Autrey and Mark Kemp know their stuff when it comes to elegant landscape design and gardens.
More than three decades ago, Michael Autrey’s father began growing American and English boxwood on his farm in Burnsville, NC. When his father passed away, Michael and partner...
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