Fix it and Finish it Episode: More Storage Please

On our "More Storeage Please" Episode of Fix it and Finish it with Antonio Sabato Jr we help a family revamp their family room/playroom.  This was a tough space because it is a combination family room/play room with absolutely no storage.  For a family with young children storage is a must!



We pulled out the OLD carpet and linoleum flooring and replaced it with beautiful new hardwood floors.  We then painted all the walls a beautiful slate blue and added wallpaper in the playroom with a dark navy paint below the chair rail to anchor the pattern.



We added custom window seats in the family room and playroom to add more seating and hidden storeage.



We used a stain resistant carpet for the heavy traffic the family room receives and to make it more attractive we notched out the corners to give the carpet some interest in the room.



The desk we chose for Jill has enough surface area on top for her to do her DIY projects but small enough to not be too cumbersome in the room.


We made the playroom room "fun" but sophisticated so it wasn't an eye sore from the family room.


John Morris' original spirographs add the perfect punch of color and guess what?  They will soon be available for sale on our webstore!  


Don't miss our next episode of Fix it and Finish it 4/27 where we take an useable sunroom and make it the go to room in the family's house!

Please Pardon the Mess…We are Working on it

Our AMAZING team is working so hard to iron out all of the kinks of our new site and doing a great job managing that and dealing with me!  This the third website I have had since I started my business over nine years ago and every time you think it is going to be easy and fast because we have done them before.  But then we begin and it is starting and stopping, analyzing and panicking, critiquing and panicking, re-doing and going back to the beginning, panicking and  yadda yadda yadda - you get the idea.  I finally had the realization that it will ALWAYS be like this because it will ALWAYS involve me and I will ALWAYS want it to be perfect (and if I don't that will be a sign)!  I tend to be over critical of my work and can't settle for anything less than perfect and for the first time in my life I am OK with that.  It should be perfect, it should be right and it should be a site I want to spend hours scrolling through- because I know what our clients like.  So bear with us.  We will be complete and perfect in no time at all.  


Have a fabulous weekend!

Inspiration of the Week

Here it is…..

A view of Eric Cohler's living room.
The geometric window grill application is a modern twist on the
De Stijl movement that started in 1917.

Eric says in a recent interview
"We all mine our past to find our future.  Without past references I personally can't move forward".


Here are a few examples of the De Stijl movement past and present.





Have a fabulous week!
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