Here We Go A Glamping!

So we had too much fun at the CMA Music Festival.  Everyone loved the DineAir and can't wait to take one to their next event!

So now we are packing up and getting ready to meet all of our BFF's for a girls Glamping weekend in Jackson Hole, WY.  We will be kicking up our cowboy boots in our custom designed DineAir.  See how we travel in style on our Great American Adventure this week.

It is almost 1700 miles from Nashville to Jackson Hole.  We are going to drive straight through so we have as much girl time as possible!  See you on Wednesday! 


Have a fabulous week!










The Great American Adventure

For the month of June we are packing up all of our gear, with a few MUST HAVES and CAN'T LIVE WITHOUTS, and heading out onto the open road for a fun filled month of travel cross country to our final destination Girdwood, AK.  

And how will we be traveling you ask?  By Aistream of course!  We are taking one of our favorite's from the DineAir fleet to tour the West and travel in style over 4500 miles to our final destination is Girdwood, Alaska.  

This week we are getting the Airstream ready to take it out on the road.  Making sure we have all of the right components to make our excursion more glamping and less camping.  We have to make sure we have our favorite cashmere blankets to keep warm at night, just the right barware to make just the right drink, and a few essentials to make us feel like we are at the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole and not in a tent down by the river….

Next stop Nashville, TN for the CMA Music Festival because every country music star needs a DineAir….


I went to a Garden Party to Reminisce with old Friends

A chance to share old memories and play our songs again….

I think the perfect garden party would be be to have a seated dinner under the stars in the middle of your backyard, a field, or better yet an airstream….with hanging lights, great food and great company.  What is your dream garden party?

Here is a video of a luncheon one of our client's hosted recently.  It was so fun to be apart of it!  

So June is here.  Can you believe it?  Are ready to jump in the airstream and take a vacation this month!  Come back tomorrow and see us get ready for our cross-country All-American excursion.  We will be taking a month to "travel" from Virginia to Alaska for a destination wedding we are helping to put together this summer!

Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

Flower Power became a slogan in the 1960's to promote peace.  There was a movement of "Flower Power" pop art, songs were written about wearing flowers in your hair and the rest is history.  

But bright graphic images, paintings, prints on fabrics and wallpapers were not JUST the 1960's.  They have always had a place in design.  Flowers were used as the symbol for peace in the 1960's because they make us feel good. 

We chose to take all of our "flowers" from our Flower Power Blog Board this week and create a perfect sunroom using flower prints to make you feel as if you are outdoors.

We love this floral linen print.  The timeless pattern feels more modern on a gray background.

Our Shenandoah Spool Chair feels fresh in a gray lacquer finish and set off our Chi'en Print Dragon Pillows.


And for the ultimate "Flower Power" moment you must have our Flower Power Pouf in our Favorite Raoul Textiles "Pondicherry".

Have an AMAZING Memorial Weekend!

Flower Power

Our gardens are now blooming and in full "Flower Power" mode.  Many of the prints that we love and use in our designs have floral influences.  One of our favorite lines that can't seem to not use some kind of flower and fauna is Raoul Textiles.  So many of their beautiful prints are adorned with flowers, vines, leaves and petals.  Their use of vibrant and unique color palettes make a little go a long way.


Using a Raoul Textile on pillows and poufs, like we did here a few years back, gives a room the perfect amount of POP and WHIMSY!


Check out our new Flower Power blog board this week!  We will be featuring a few of our favorite pieces this week.  We can't get enough of the Robert James Collection this month!  Especially the Santa Ynez console that is going to be the anchor to our room this week.

 Don't miss tomorrow's "Friends Win Friday" giveaway!  Have you entered to win?  You still have time….