How Does Your Garden Grow

So it only makes sense that if last week we were talking about our Seeds of Inspiration, this week we are talking about How Does Your Garden Grow?  Once your seeds are planted, how do you get them to sprout?  There are many things seeds need to sprout depending on what type of seed they are.  Water, more water, the right temperature, light or no light, insects like bees and butterflies are all needed.  A seed must have the right components to grow.

Not only do we need all of the right things from nature to get and keep our gardens growing, we must have humans willing to do the work.  I got a tour of a local community garden in an urban neighborhood in Richmond, Va last week.  There is a $10 charge to join this community garden.  Everyone that is apart of it does their share of work and the whole group is working towards the same goal.  There is an amazing sense of pride that is shared by caring for these community "crops".  All of this is happening overlooking a major interstate- it is AMAZINGLY beautiful in every way.

Rain catchers are scattered around the garden to make it easier to water. 

To me this community garden is a sign that something good will grow anywhere there are a few people willing and wanting to put in the time and effort.

Just as a seed needs the right components to grow,  rooms need the right components to be aesthetically pleasing and functional.   Tune in tomorrow and see how we take are components to getting your garden to grow and turn them into a beautiful outdoor space.



Shhhh...Don't tell Anyone…..

Shhhhh….don't tell anyone but I do not have Easter decorations.  I know.  It's bad.  I should have boxes of chachki's for each and every holiday.   I am thinking a better idea would be to have artwork that represents that particular holiday.  The perfect rationalization to buy more art.  

So for Easter here are a few ideas that could work as your holiday decor….

Emily Green'swatercolors make your...
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Speaking of Cults….

What interior designer (present day or in the past) would you give up everything for and follow them deep into a tropical jungle just because you worship their design aesthetic to your core? You also know after about a week they would all insist on some improvements to the living conditions and we would end up building some incredible tree house community with fabulous hanging beds, driftwood...
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The Salins Group

You HAVE to see this month's issue of

Premier builder Ben Collins' beautiful home is featured
 and it is not to be missed!

When you first step into Ben and husband Scotty Vanhoozier's Charlotte, NC home
you are immediately taken by how elegant and inviting it feels all at the same time.

Custom upholstered walls pop against the crisp white paneling in the dining room.

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