Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

Flower Power became a slogan in the 1960's to promote peace.  There was a movement of "Flower Power" pop art, songs were written about wearing flowers in your hair and the rest is history.  

But bright graphic images, paintings, prints on fabrics and wallpapers were not JUST the 1960's.  They have always had a place in design.  Flowers were used as the symbol for peace in the 1960's because they make us feel good. 

We chose to take all of our "flowers" from our Flower Power Blog Board this week and create a perfect sunroom using flower prints to make you feel as if you are outdoors.

We love this floral linen print.  The timeless pattern feels more modern on a gray background.

Our Shenandoah Spool Chair feels fresh in a gray lacquer finish and set off our Chi'en Print Dragon Pillows.


And for the ultimate "Flower Power" moment you must have our Flower Power Pouf in our Favorite Raoul Textiles "Pondicherry".

Have an AMAZING Memorial Weekend!

Flower Power

Our gardens are now blooming and in full "Flower Power" mode.  Many of the prints that we love and use in our designs have floral influences.  One of our favorite lines that can't seem to not use some kind of flower and fauna is Raoul Textiles.  So many of their beautiful prints are adorned with flowers, vines, leaves and petals.  Their use of vibrant and unique color palettes make a little go a long way.


Using a Raoul Textile on pillows and poufs, like we did here a few years back, gives a room the perfect amount of POP and WHIMSY!


Check out our new Flower Power blog board this week!  We will be featuring a few of our favorite pieces this week.  We can't get enough of the Robert James Collection this month!  Especially the Santa Ynez console that is going to be the anchor to our room this week.

 Don't miss tomorrow's "Friends Win Friday" giveaway!  Have you entered to win?  You still have time….


With Silver Bells and Cockle Shells

 So many of us spend the majority of our time indoors.  I have found that it is getting harder and harder to get my children outside.  In an effort to keep them outside romping around, instead of inside sitting, I have created an outdoor living space so there are no excuses to be inside unless it is raining, snowing or freezing cold!

We need the right components to get our gardens to grow and the right pieces to make our outdoor spaces functional and pretty!  Because there are so many great outdoor furniture and home accessory options these days, your outside space is limitless.  You can create your own poolside (or grass side) cabana to take cover from the shade to read the perfect book.   There is nothing better than to enjoy a meal under the stars on a summer night, so find that perfect spot to have a dining table and chairs.

Tune in tomorrow tomorrow to see what our favorite "must have" components to this outdoor space are….



How Does Your Garden Grow

So it only makes sense that if last week we were talking about our Seeds of Inspiration, this week we are talking about How Does Your Garden Grow?  Once your seeds are planted, how do you get them to sprout?  There are many things seeds need to sprout depending on what type of seed they are.  Water, more water, the right temperature, light or no light, insects like bees and butterflies are all needed.  A seed must have the right components to grow.

Not only do we need all of the right things from nature to get and keep our gardens growing, we must have humans willing to do the work.  I got a tour of a local community garden in an urban neighborhood in Richmond, Va last week.  There is a $10 charge to join this community garden.  Everyone that is apart of it does their share of work and the whole group is working towards the same goal.  There is an amazing sense of pride that is shared by caring for these community "crops".  All of this is happening overlooking a major interstate- it is AMAZINGLY beautiful in every way.

Rain catchers are scattered around the garden to make it easier to water. 

To me this community garden is a sign that something good will grow anywhere there are a few people willing and wanting to put in the time and effort.

Just as a seed needs the right components to grow,  rooms need the right components to be aesthetically pleasing and functional.   Tune in tomorrow and see how we take are components to getting your garden to grow and turn them into a beautiful outdoor space.