Spool Chair

I have been pretty obsessed with the Spool Chair the past couple of years...they are actually super comfortable and can be very handsome if you keep them in wood and leather or extremely sophisticated in a bright color or fabric.  They are great as a pair or all alone.  Perfect for a family room, casual living room or that perfect bedroom chair...I have several sources for them...LOVE!

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Royal Wedding

My three year old daughter is absolutely obsessed with princesses, she had an "Ariel" cake for her birthday party, she was "Belle" for Halloween and the list goes when I heard the news yesterday that Prince William had proposed I got a little caught up in the idea of a royal wedding. I vividly remember watching Lady Diana and Prince Charles getting married as a child and how mesmerizing...
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You all will quickly see how much art means to me and how much it inspires can totally transform a room and I sometimes encourage clients to hold off on the new chair and invest in the perfect piece of art...

All images are from ...I love the way they make each room pop with a fabulous piece of ART

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Entrance Hall Mirrors

I have recently been on the hunt for the perfect entrance hall mirror for several clients....this is one of my favorites!

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Welcome to our new blog! We're so very excited to have this up and running. 

Things to come...
Items for Sale
Images that Inspire
Before and After Designs
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